Do I love me the way I am…

February 18, 2009 at 10:39 am (Beauty, Emotions, Love) (, , , , )

People, most often women, tell others that they should love themselves the way they are.  In theory this is great but there is just one little thing I don’t understand.  Why, if we are supposed to love ourselves they way we are, do people dye their hair, get eyebrow waxes, get facials, ect.

Those are beauty modifications, they change the way I look.  Am I supposed to love the natural me, or the modified me?



  1. Ruth Anne said,

    You make a very good point, and I guess they do it to feel their best as they are? I don’t know since I don’t do most of that, but I think it is to just show on the outside hopefully how we feel inside? When I was depressed my hair wasn’t cared form much or anything else, and I gained more weight and so forth. I didn’t care how I dressed at all or much of anything about myself.

    Maybe part of who we are or want to present to the world would be what of those choices we make? Do we want to have blond or red or gray or whatever hair, and do our eyesbrows matter to us? I will be interested to see the replies you get here, but for me I present to the world how I feel inside. If the day is crazy I am in sweats aand unbrushed, so it I have time to clean up I might brus my hair and put on decent clothes. That is who I am though as about as far as I get…lol:)

  2. Rachel said,

    When I say “love yourself the way you are” I mean love for who you are INSIDE. The outside is your face you show the world, and you are judged on it for better or worse. It’s a sad truth, but it helps YOU feel better, show that you have self-esteem and confidence in who you are as a person when you look well-groomed and pulled together. It’s really about drawing forth the beauty that is within without going to crazy lengths or trying to look like someone else’s version of you. For some that may mean that they have glowing skin, for others that may mean that their outfits coordinate, for me it means that I have lipstick on when I leave the house.

    I’m still me on the inside, and I’m allowing that me to shine forth by taking care of myself—and showing the world that—on the outside.

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  6. The Q said,

    I don’t consider “me” to be my outward appearance. My body is just my vehicle for this life and I try to take care of it like I would my home, my car, whatever. It is a reflection of who I am–but it isn’t “me”.

    I am something that can’t be defined by weight, size, shape, color, or style. And yes, I love myself even when my body could use some sprucing up.

  7. aurorahope said,

    I have a hard time distinguishing the difference between the inside me and the outside me and I think it’s because I don’t know much about myself. I don’t seem to have any favorites of anything anymore. It’s so strange but it’s like the older I get the less I know myself. What makes me, me? I don’t know.

    I feel like a fake all the time.

  8. braided diva said,

    I use to be wrapped up in changing how I looked on the outside instead of dealing with what needed to be dealt with on the inside. Turning 30 changed a lot of things for me…and now I love me, the inside me and possibly the outside.

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