Morning Glories Among the Peas: James Seddon

February 3, 2009 at 11:58 pm (Books, Emotions) (, , , , , )

Wow. Just wow. I read this in one sitting. I simply couldn’t put it down. It’s a Non Fiction about a man and his experience in Vietnam during the war. Every emotion is present and I cried. I wanted to throw up in some parts. It’s a bit graphic but it was a graphic war. There is so much pain and guilt. And it really parallels the war going on now. It reaffirmed to me that we have no use being in Iraq and all we’re doing is messing up our boys, our men, our fathers, our brothers, our uncles, our nephews.

God? Who exactly is God and if He is real why would he let things like that happen to his people? There are some amazing quotes about ‘Truth’ and how God is ‘truth’.

Life does not stop in America just because we are at war. Those men, and now women, have their lives turned upside down and we just go on about our business. And we, for the most part, expect them to come home and just go about their business. We don’t think or understand of the things that haunt them. Day and night.

I do know this… the next time I see a Vet I will thank them for their service because most likely they have had to sacrifice most of themselves for us.

I can’t say I hate the war, because I have not been there. Only a solider can say they hate the war, and truly understand what they are hating.

I suggest this book for EVERYONE just so they can get the inside look of how the war affects someone who has seen it first hand. This has been a very enlightening, eye opening experience and I hope to never forget how I feel right now.


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